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The map "Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere per person in Ukraine"

      The problem of air pollution is characteristic for all settlements of Ukraine. This is one of the factors of unfavorable environmental situation on the territory of the state. However, in some cities, the level of pollution significantly exceeds the average; at the same time there are relatively environmentally friendly areas (figure 1).

      The purpose of creating a map of emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere is:

  • assistance in the detection of sources of emissions of pollutants;
  • understanding the causes of atmospheric pollution;
  • assistance to specialists in the preparation of presentations on air pollution;
  • supplementing the list of cartographic images on environmental degradation.

      This map will be useful as a model for specialists who wish to compile their own maps of contamination of components of landscapes: soils, water bodies, separate territories, etc.

Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere per person in Ukraine

Fig. 1. Amounts of pollutant emissions into the air in 2014 in the territory of Ukraine.
The figure shows a fragment of the map for the authors of the publication.


Legend, symbols and content of the map

      The theme of air pollution is better to reveal by means of two cartographic indicators.
      The first of these the volumes of pollutant emissions per capita (2014) reveals the actual environmental situation. 2 graduations were selected; the distribution criterion is the average for Ukraine. Accordingly, a circle with a diameter of 3.5 mm shows the populated areas in which the indicator is smaller than the average in Ukraine. A circle with twice the diameter shows, respectively, cities in which the pollution of the atmosphere is more than average.

Legend of map: Emissions of air pollutants

Fig. 2. Part of the legend for the atmospheric air pollution map for the authors of the publication

      Additional information on the dynamics of the ecological component is given by the index of pollutant emissions into the air in 2000-2014. This indicator should be symmetrical so that the map reader could get an idea of ??the general and regional dynamics of atmospheric pollution. Since the card is ordered to be made in black and white, it is advisable to select 3 graduations:

  • up to 80% for cities where there has been a significant reduction in emissions into the atmosphere
  • from 81 to 120% in these cities the level of pollution remained at approximately the same level;
  • over 120% there was a significant deterioration of the environmental situation.

      Grayscale 25%, 60% and 80% respectively are selected for the above graduations.


Origin of data and how to get it

      Data for making the content content of the card are obtained from the customer. The spreadsheet is called "Emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere by regions and separate settlements". The map contains 65 settlements.

      The thematic content is superimposed on the cartographic basis of the territory of Ukraine with a base scale of 1: 8 000 000. The cartographic base contains the following components:

  • the state border of Ukraine;
  • the administrative boundaries of the regions;
  • hydrography (main rivers and surface objects, which are expressed on the scale of the map: seas, reservoirs, estuaries, lakes);
  • settlements (oblast centers)
  • signatures of cities and rivers.


Technological scheme of map elaborating

  1. The coordinates of cities were obtained by creating a sample of target cities and determining their centroids. Statistics were added through the table matching procedure.

  2. Point objects are created by coordinates, they are assigned symbols, the size and color of which are determined by the mapping factors (level and dynamics of air pollution).

  3. The cartographic basis is exported to the Adobe PDF format. The thematic layer is copied to the vector editor, where the city signatures are edited.

      Such a relatively simple technological scheme allows you to create perfect maps with minimal effort.
Authors who want to make maps themselves can have questions about some technological steps. To get advice, you can contact the responsible secretary of the "Magazine of Cartography". We can also help you make a map that will reflect the research results. The cost is commensurate with the payment for the publication of the article.
It is also possible to purchase any cartographic basis outlined on the site. We can take into account the wishes of the authors and supplement the existing bases with the necessary content.


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