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Instructions for authors

     Before starting the survey, it is recommended to review 5-10 published articles over the past 2-3 years in journals indexed by Scopus and Tomson Reuters with science-based databases to evaluate the ability to gather materials and bring the idea to publication. 
      An article can only be published in one journal. It should be of interest to the domestic and international scientific community. The recommended volume of publication is from 12 to 20 pages, that is, about 4 thousand words.
      The article should be original not only in terms of text, but also in terms of the main idea and its interpretation, research methods and general approaches to its implementation. The authors should refer to all the works from which borrowed ideas, results or techniques. Copying or rewriting someone's text is a violation of scientific ethics. 
      The article title is recommended for up to 10 words. 
     Annotation in Ukrainian and Russian- about 20 lines. Abstract in English - up to 2 thousand characters. The abstract may contain the following phrases: In the article the problems are considered ... The characteristic features..., used in the process ... The necessity of ... It is based on the performed research, the author suggests ... The definition of an open phenomenon ... It is shown the role of processes in society ... The main advantage offered by the authors ... The article poses the problem to consider ... by the example ... As a result of the analysis performed by the author for the first time ... This proves that ... This allows us to conclude that ... The 
      number of keywords is 8-10. 
     Introduction.The introduction should present a problem that is not yet solved by science or is considered incompletely. It is necessary to indicate its theoretical or practical significance, as well as its relevance. Be sure to write about the contribution of research to world science. 
     Formulation of the problem. It is necessary to focus on the specific aspect of the problem and its significance for the given situation. Also, the proposed methodology for solving the problem in the field of science in which research is conducted should be outlined.  
      The methods and methods of the research should be described. Describe the organization of the experiment, used equipment and software. The latter should indicate the availability of the license or whether this software is free. Detailed information about the object of study should be given. The most common methods of scientific research are: analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, observation, questioning, scientific experiment, laboratory research, philosophical, comparison, cartographic, modeling, generalization, change in the form of information presentation. 
      A separate point is the purpose of the study. 
     Literature review has two main goals: to demonstrate that the author is aware of the latest trends and discoveries in the field of research; confirm the relevance of the topic. A large number of publications testify to the interest of the scientific community in this problem. Also, a review of literature allows you to clarify the specificity of the problem and passes information about the typical approaches of colleagues in solving this problem. 
      The optimal number of sources is 20-40, of which half should be foreign. It is imperative to use new foreign sources of the last two to three years.
In the literature review, you should indicate general tendencies in solving the problem. As a rule, different sources consider the problem differently, therefore, the scientific directions are presented graphically more clearly. This approach will reveal conflicts in the theory and methodology and findings of the research. 
      Apart from conflicts, typical methods used by scientists are important. It is good to consider approaches that are used in non-related industries, as well as in the manufacturing sectors, the requirements for products are on an order of magnitude higher. For example, the strong and progressive for automotive industry are solutions that are used in the aviation industry. 
      The opposite is the discovery of gaps in existing studies. In English, this term sounds like "gap in science".
      The point of view of the author during the review of literature, the criteria used for its analysis and selection, as well as the directions of research by other authors should be clear. 
      To find articles, we recommend using Google Books - Books (books) and Scholar (scientific articles, respectively, available at https://books.google.ua and https://scholar.google.com/ ) . The presentation of research results should correspond to the title of the article and contain scientific novelty. It should be stated at which conferences the results were reported.
      The presentation of the results includes a synthesis and evaluation of the results of the study. It is necessary to sing the results obtained in the article with the achievements of other scholars. After considering other scientific theories, to determine from which position one can explain the results obtained. 
      The assessment of accuracy is a prerequisite for most studies. In addition, it is desirable to compare the numerical characteristics with the results held in similar conditions. 
      The scientific article, as a rule, contains a scientific chart: tables, drawings, maps, charts and diagrams. The standard method of summarizing the results involves drawing up the table and graphic interpretation. The drawings can be colored, but you should not use the color and the third dimension without the need. In the article, it is desirable to have original formulas, calculations, statistics, etc.
     Conclusions It is necessary to describe the importance of the results achieved for domestic and foreign science. Specify methods and recommendations for using the results. 
     Prospects for research. It is necessary to present domestic and foreign experience in the implementation of this kind of research. Attention should be paid to the implementation (implementation) of research results for the domestic and foreign economy. You may need to indicate the future results of the article.


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