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General requirements for publications

        1. The article should be original, that is, written in person or in co-authorship and not previously published in any printed or electronic publication.

        2. The article should correspond to the topic of the scientific collection, that is, belong to the geographical sciences. It is included in one of 5 categories:
        - general and theoretical questions of cartography;
        - GIS technologies in cartography;
        - research of natural and social phenomena;
        - education and regional studies;
        - the history of cartography.

        3. It is advisable to submit information about the author in a separate file, better in electronic form: ... (full), scientific degree, academic rank, place of work, position, subject of the article, e-mail, telephone number (section 3), data about the reviewer.

        4. The article is accompanied by a review on a standard form or in an arbitrary form.

        5. The article should have at least 10 full pages. The typical volume of an article for an international publication, which is indexed in the scientific basis of Scopus, is 4,000-6,000 words (13-20 pages). The size of the publication for journals included in the Web of Science is up to 7,000 words (22-25 pages).

        6. The article is accompanied by a printed version signed by the author. It is he who is being considered at a meeting of the editorial board.

        7. According to the resolution of the Presidium of the VAC "On Increasing the Requirements for the Professional Publications Listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine" dated January 15, 2003, No. 7-05 / 01, the scientific article should have the following structural elements (with the allocation of their names in bold type , summarizing the main material, conclusions and perspectives of further research, a list of literature, two annotations in Russian and English, and not less than 10 (in Ukrainian), abstract in Ukrainian, keywords, introduction, initial preconditions, formulation of the aims of the article -15 keywords.

        8. The abstract in English must contain at least 2000 printed characters.

        9. The authors of the published materials personally responsible for the use of terms, the accuracy of the facts, quotes, personal names and other information.


Requirements for formatting

  1. The article is presented in Microsoft Word 97-2003 (doc) format. It is not recommended to use docx (Word 2007-2010) and rtf formats.
  2. It is better to submit drawings with separate files with TIFF or JPG extensions. Creating drawings by Word, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, MS Power Point or by hand is allowed. Drawings made in graphic editors are recommended to be rasterized to avoid compatibility issues. It is advisable to place a picture from a paragraph after the first link to it or on the next page in the text of the article.
  3. The article may contain colored pictures. It is recommended that you do not place large drawings side by side, as there are certain technological limitations for double-sided printing. One large drawing can be rolled up to the top of the collection. Also, it is not desirable to place many pictures at the end of the article.
  4. If the article contains drawings, tables or charts, you must additionally submit a PDF version of it.
  5. Formatting the article text: Times New Roman font, font size 14, interval 1.5, all fields - 2 cm). The indent indent for the entire article, except for the title of the article, is 0.7 cm. The latter is centered without a paragraph indentation.

        Sample correctly formatted article


        Additionally, the following elements make the layout of the article more difficult:

  • automatic numbering and markers in the lists. In order to unify the appearance of all articles, it is recommended not to apply these functions;
  • spaces at the beginning of the sentence;
  • paragraph indents made by the tab;
  • drawings and their names, inserted in the table and inscriptions;
  • drawings inserted into Word documents;
  • drawing textures by text;
  • OLE objects;
  • footnotes using MS Word means;
  • hyperlinks in the text of the article, column breaks, lines and pages transmitted through copying from the Internet.


Sending an article

  1. Articles for the collection of scientific works "Cartography Timepiece" are submitted to the room 621, where the research and development sector of Cartography and Geoinformatics is located, which also deals with the publication of the collection.
  2. The reception of articles is carried out by the responsible secretary of the collection Oreshchenko Andriy Vasilievich, the candidate of geogr.Mr., junior researcher.
  3. Files with text and pictures are better to send by e-mail to logograd@ukr.net.You can submit it personally to a CD / DVD-RW or a flash drive.
  4. Publication is payable: the cost of one page of publication, formatted in Times New Roman font, is 14 points in a one-and-a-half line spacing of 30 UAH.The author receives one collection for free (the cost of it is already included in the payment of the article).If an article is written by several authors, each one will receive a collection.
  5. The collection comes out approximately once every 4-6 months (2-3 times a year), roughly in March, May or September and December.
  6. At the end of the layout, authors submit an electronic version via e-mail.In her, the author can check the correct placement of gender elements.Notes on the location of drawings / tables should be sent within a week.After a specified period of time, the electronic version is transmitted to the polygraph and sent to the authors as final.
  7. After receiving the print edition, we will inform authors by e-mail or telephone.It is possible to send the collection by mail, but in this case the cost of the dispatch is added to the cost of the article 15 UAH.To do this, specify the exact address and the correct index.If the index does not match the address, the mailbox will not accept the mailbox.

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