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UDC 911.3

Mirzodaeva T., Batychenko S., Batun V.

Domestic practice for development of gastronomic tourism

      Issues of the definition of gastronomic tourism are revealed. The advantages of gastronomic tourism are defined. Tourist flows are intensively growing in those regions where on the basis of original traditions are formed such specialized tourist products, such as festivals and folk festivals. It is gastronomic festivals and holidays that can be a factor in maintaining the interest in gastronomic tourism. The issue of tourist and gastronomic activity in Ukraine is analyzed, namely, the analysis of dynamics and regional features of the organization of gastronomic festivals and holidays. The regions of Ukraine are grouped by the number of gastronomic festivals. The most dynamically developed regions of gastronomic festivals are Zakarpattia, Lviv, Odessa, Poltava regions and Kyiv. There is no data for festivals and holidays in Donetsk, Lugansk and Cherkasy regions. The problems of the Ukrainian gastronomic tourism market are highlighted. The development of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine is hampered by the low level of development of tourist and recreational infrastructure and the catastrophic state of the routes, the discrepancy of accommodation with world standards, the unsatisfactory state of monuments of historical and architectural heritage that are not subject to tourism needs, the low professional level of training of specialists in This area and the inconsistency of educational training in tourism, the imperfection of the legislative and regulatory framework in the field of tourism, low and effective informational and advertising products of domestic tour operators.
      Key words: gastronomic tourism, culinary tourism, tourist and gastronomic activity, gastronomic festivals and festivals, gastronomic tour.

Received at editorial March 2, 2019


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