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UDC 528.94

Onyshchenko M.


      The task of looking at one of the tourist mapping for example of creature of maps of tourist routes is considered in the article. The features of tourist routes of the Carpathians are presented as mapping objects, the main types of tourism in the region are defined. The special role of designation of tourist routes is emphasized. The mapping sources are indicated. The importance of the quality design for maps of this type is noted. As a result of the analysis the author for the first time identified main directions of the expansion of general geographical and thematic content of the maps of tourist routes. The basic provisions of the creature of the series of tourist maps are formed. The main tasks of improvement of thematic map load are assigned: 1) further collection, analysis and systematization of tourist information for the purpose of constant update of map databanks of tourist objectes; 2)perfection of the technique of the process of map creation; 3)expansion of ecological and natural content of maps; 4) improvement of techniques of cartographic image.
      The conducted studies allow us to conclude that international success of the maps of tourist routes of the Carpathians as a complete system of spatial, visual, complementary and comparative information about the location, condition, features of natural, historical, cultural and socio-economic tourism resources is appropriate and expected.
      Key words: regional tourist mapping, row of maps, tourist routes, Carpathians, design.

Received at editorial April 9, 2019


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