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Kovalhuk I., Kovalchuk A.


      The article substantiates the structure of Ukraines land values digital atlas the main component of the conceptual framework for creating a model of the land value atlas as a high-tech information resource, which will serve as informational and analytical base for regulating land relations, ensuring the functioning of the land market, taxation and strategic management decisions on spatial development of the state. This tool will make possible to solve the tasks of providing socio-economic security in Ukraine. Compressed and extended variants of the atlas structure are substantiated. It will include the following components: 1) Quality index land valuation maps; 2) maps of factors that affect the quality of land and its value; 3) maps of land value in natural and agricultural areas; 4) maps of land value in administrative and territorial entities; 5) cartographic models for assessing the value of land in settlements. Creation of digital and paper version of the atlas is planned. The Atlas will satisfy the need for cost characteristics of land for the state administrations, executive authorities that implement policies in the areas of taxation, urban planning and architecture, land relations, agribusiness, forestry and water management, geology and subsoil and local self-government through the visualization of land valuation indicators necessary for regulation of economic relations, taxation and management decisions in the field of land use. The Atlas will also be of interest for entrepreneurs, real estate owners, appraisers, developers of general plans of cities, developers, etc.

      Key words: atlas of land values, thematic maps, digital mapping, atlas structure.

Received at editorial July 15, 2019


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