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UDC 378.147

I. Dibrova

The study of geographical disciplines based on the competence approach (for example, the course gis designing)

The article reflects the competence approach to the study of geography. The importance and peculiarities of such an approach and the levels of pupils geographical learning are established. The goal, tasks and structure of the course GIS Designing, the expected results of educational and cognitive activity of students are indicated. Disclosed the defining categories of competence approach. Regulatory documents in the field of higher education, the interpretation of the concept of competence in them as a result of learning are specified. In particular, key and subject geographic competencies that are formed during the study of this discipline are noted. The independent educational and educational activities of students in the course GIS Designing are analyzed. The stages of teaching students, practical work as a creative approach in solving problems of geographic and environmental content are characterized. The article also displays methods for studying the educational process, including pedagogical observation, conversation, questioning, testing. A bilingual textbook on GIS design, also intended for a wide circle of readers, was an innovation in the study of discipline. In addition to theoretical material, it contains a list of practical works that are required to be performed.
In general, the article contains useful information for teachers of geography, ecology and computer science. It can be taken into account when conducting assistant practices by masters of all geographic specialties. In the future, some of the provisions of the competence-based approach, as reflected in this article, will be revealed more deeply on the example of certain topics of the course.
      Keywords: competence-based approach to the study of geography, competence, key geographical competence, subject geographical competence, GIS design.

Received at editorial May 3, 2019


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