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S.V. Tishchenko

Formation of event as a unique tool for development of tourism

      This article is devoted to the study of the formation of the concept event as a unique tool for development in the tourist industry. The main definitions of the interpretation are given. The main functions of the notion event that are taken into account in the implementation of event tourism are considered. It is shown that the event is an evolutionary breakthrough in the development of the tourism industry and a real instrument for realizing the tourist advantages of a specific target audience, the event serves as a catalyst for the process of integration, popularization of values, an important tool for achieving mutual understanding and cooperation, and enriching the cultures of different peoples. It is believed that events are driver of the development of the tourist market of the territory. The authors vision of the organizational and economic mechanism for the formation of events is proposed. The basic stages of it are revealed, advantages and disadvantages are shown. The main reasons for the inhibition of the development of event tourism are determined. It is shown that only a stage-by-stage, pre-thought-out development of an event can bring an economic effect.

Received at editorial June 19, 2019


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