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UDC 528.94

Ostapchuk S.

Map Course Mates: the essence and features of creation

      The article highlights the essence and main features of the creation of the authors thematic map Course mates. Considered are the main stages of creating a map with highlighting the most important points. The main difficulties in collecting the initial information were noted. Considerable attention is paid to informational content. To display the thematic content used methods of cartographic images icons and signs of movement. The map was created using the multifunctional software product ArcGIS on a scale of 1: 1 250 000. The dimensions of the map are 135x105 cm. The drawings show the general view of the map, the legend and the map fragment.

      The map conveys the main milestones of student life at the Faculty of Geography of Kyiv State Taras Shevchenko University in 1977-1982. The map is interesting not only to former students-geographers of Kiev University. It can become a source of history for studying the content of student studies and hobbies of the Soviet era of the period as a whole. Since the developed map for information content appears pioneering, then on its example, in the long run, there is the possibility to create other maps of similar subjects.

      Key words: thematic mapping, source materials, map creation, thematic content, course mates, student life.


      Arrived to editorship: August 13, 2018.


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