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UDC 811.161

Nesterchuk I.

Gastronomic tourism as a phasilitator of changes for the physical-geographical region of the Kyiv Polissya

      The transformation that takes place in the Ukrainian tourism industry, in particular the role of gastronomic tourism as an active participant of socio-cultural, economic and political processes in the present is analyzed. This is particularly acute in those countries whose economies are directly dependent on its development. Therefore, it is important to consider the processes of transformation in the development of tourism in the physical-geographical region of the Kyiv Polissya, which has tremendous tourist resources and opportunities. In the development of domestic and inbound tourism, particular attention is paid to gastronomic tourism of a separate region.

      For the growth of domestic tourism, it is important that the desire to rest outside the place of permanent residence and travel in the population did not disappear, and the factor of delayed demand contributes to the redistribution of flows of tourists who had previously traveled abroad. The purpose of the regional tour operators is to intercept the flow of international and Ukrainian tourists and send them to their region. It is necessary to create completely new types of tourism, and on their basis to form new tour routes. This is facilitated by the transit situation of the physical-geographical region of the Kyiv Polissya, which is at the intersection of flows of domestic tourists. It is concluded that the strategy of development of gastronomic tourism should be determined by initiatives to strengthen traditional ties and relations of the tourist and recreational sphere with agriculture and ethno-cultural component of the territory, as well as adaptation of the hospitality industry of this northern region of Ukraine to the needs and preferences that have arisen for the first time, which characterizes the tourist demand on a scale of the country and the world at large.

      Key words: gastronomic tourism, physical-geographical region of the Kyiv Polissya, physical-geographical districts, tourist demand.


      Arrived to editorship: October 28, 2018.


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