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UDC 911.3

Melnyk L., Batychenko S.

Special features of health-improving tourism development in the regions of Ukraine

      The theoretical questions of health-improving tourism are revealed. Health-improving tourism is a type of tourism aimed at restoring health or preventing (preventing) diseases. In recent times, the term wellness has become popular, which can be defined as observing a healthy lifestyle aimed at harmonious development of the individual. Wellness centers and wellness-hotels are becoming a place of recreation and at the same time a place of social communication. The state and development of the sanatorium-resort base, which is the basis of medical and health tourism, is analyzed. The issue of demand among the population for health and wellness tourism services is covered. The issue of the centers of health-improving tourism in Ukraine and in the countries of Europe has been investigated. The dynamics of the number of sanatorium and spa establishments in the regions of Ukraine for the period from 2011-2017 is analyzed.

      Key words: tourism, health-improving tourism, sanatorium and resort establishments, regions of Ukraine, wellness, spa-resorts.


      Received at editorial November 14, 2018


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