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UDC 528.94

Drohushevska I.

Approaches to using of exonyms in cartographic issues of different topic

      The definitions of endonym and exonym are given. The UNGEGNs approach to using exonyms is presented. The current tendencies in toponimics concerning the use of exonyms on the global scale are reviewed. The main features of exonyms existence and survivability are considered. The principles of use of exonyms to be taken into account are defined. The key principle of exonym usage in national standardization of geographical names in Ukraine is avoiding creation of new exonyms and preserving the exonyms, which exist and are widely used in the language and cartography. An exonym is not just an external name of a geographical feature, it is also a part of our historical and cultural heritage. The list of officially adopted exonyms was formed with reference to geographical and language peculiarities of the country. Currently, the Ukrainian cartography uses more than 1,200 exonyms. Most of the exonyms listed there are the names of geographical features of neighboring countries. In general, the number of exonyms used in Ukraine does not increase, and most of them are widely known and recognized. They can be divided into three groups: 1) exonyms that are hardly recognizable in comparison with the endonyms; 2) names, adapted to Ukrainian orthography; 3) translated names. The biggest group of exonymes is the one that includes the names of physiographic features, such as geographical regions, seas, islands, archipelagoes, rivers, mountains. The maps published at State Scientific and Production Enterprise Kartographia all use officially approved exonyms. Obviosly, exonyms are only used on maps of the World, Europe and foreign countries published in Ukrainian. The underlying principle for the maps in Latin script for international use is to preserve the original spelling of toponyms of countries that use Latin alphabet and official systems of Romanization for countries that use Cyrillic or other script systems.

      Key words: toponym, exonym, endonym, standardization of geographical names, cartography, cultural heritage, tradition.

      Received at editorial October 23, 2018


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