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UDC 528.94

Ostaletska O.

Unknown names of ukrainian cartographic science: works of cartographer T. . Scripnik in funds of V. I. Vernadsky`s National Library of Ukraine

      The paper is dedicated to works of T. Scrypnyk manager of cartographic workshop of the Ukrainian research institute of geography and cartography, founded in Kharkiv in 1927. The directions of his ponderable works in the latest period of the Ukrainian cartography in 20-30th of century are considered. The review of made . Scrypnyk of the maps of Ukraine are saved in the cartographic fund of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (VNLU) is presenting.

      These cards were issued in the years 1925-1939 in the initial period of formation of the Soviet totalitarian system in Ukraine, tragic for the Ukrainian scientists from short-term Renaissance of national identity in the 1920 to the destruction of the Ukrainian intelligentsia and leading figures of science and culture, the apogee of which became 1937-1938. Value then cartographic sources the territory of Ukraine in their substantive content and evidence of a functioning domestic scientific institutions in the conditions of rigid ideological pressure and political censorship. Submitted on cards T. A. Scrypnyk symbiosis of information provides important material for the study of multidimensional social and economic life of the relevant period on the territory of our country. In particular, the application of T. A. Srypnyk maps, and insets on the physical, ethnographic, letterhead and business cards allows you to more extended view of the territory of Ukraine and make one map of the whole custody of the Atlas.

      A detailed description and introduction into scientific circulation of the reservoir card of territory of Ukraine from the Fund vnlu created by cartographer T. A. Skrypnik will help to intensify work on the content mapping resource VNLU digital library collections Ukrainika and the disclosure of scientific potential of Ukrainian cartography.

      Keywords: V. I. Vernadsky`s National Library of Ukraine, electronic library Ukrainica, cartographic fund, maps of Ukraine by T. Scrypnyk, Ukrainian research institute of geography and cartography.


      Arrived to editorship: October 17, 2018.


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