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      A. Osipchuk

The theoretical aspect of the genesis of ecological tourism in Ukraine

      The article is devoted to the features of ecological tourism, formation and development of ecologically oriented tourism activity in Ukraine. Different approaches to the definition of the term ecological tourism are presented, including the authors variant. A review of the functions of ecological tourism is made. Their integration effect promotes the formation of sustainable eco-management skills, the dissemination of knowledge about the culture and natural beauty of a certain territory, the improvement of economic activity, the restoration of human vitality and the rational use of free time. Particular attention is paid to the determinants of the tourism potential development and the promotion of ecologically oriented tourism activity on the territory of Ukraine.

      The following conclusions are made: creation of an infrastructure for ecotourism will ensure the availability of unique natural areas for tourists; providing the conditions for attraction the investments and private capital will allow to implement projects for the development of ecological tourism; successful development of ecotourism positively affects not only the state of the environment, but also contributes to the intensification of economic activity and spreads knowledge about the beauty and vulnerability of our planet.

      Key words: ecological tourism, preservation of the environment, functions of tourism, tourist potential.


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