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      I. Nesterchuk

Country ecology tourism of zhitomyr region

      Modern tourism industry can be surely called one of the leading and most dynamic sectors of the world economy, a source of stable foreign exchange earnings, a factor contributing to increased employment, the growth of the prestige of the country and the development of its socio-economic infrastructure.

      As for the conditions of Ukraine, this is a promising niche for activity, very poorly mastered as a planned business in the tourist market, yet, strangely enough, it is already beginning to attract the attention of foreign tour operators. The development of particular regions, in particular, Zhytomyr region, is promising for the conscious development of rural green tourism.

      The purpose of this article is the history of the origin and formation of rural green tourism in Zhytomyr region.

      The article analyzes the history of the origin and formation of rural green tourism in the Zhytomyr region. Each green mansion is the result of a creative and conscious approach to the life of its owner, who offers his vision on the key moments of our life: work, health and, of course, rest. For a more intense nature rest in the original atmosphere of the Polish land, the owners offer a certain set of options depending on their capabilities and your needs. Combining these experiences makes it possible to create an interesting tourist product of your region, which is always recognized by certain features. Over the creation of routes to the owners of the farmsteads will help GIS-technologies, which more widely popularize the interesting historical places around the estates, without spending excess funds for long crossings.

      We believe that the creation of tourist information systems based on GIS / remote sensing technologies with the ability to access the Internet is a promising option for the use of GIS in the field of tourism. The growing demand in our society for reference information is not fully met by paper publications and electronic directories on the Internet. The main disadvantage of these resources is the detachment of data that describes an object from its geographic location, which greatly narrows the area of their use.

      Keywords: country ecology tourism, Zhitomyr region, green landscapes, tourist maps, schools of village tourism.


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