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      L. Hrebenyk

Definition of the optimal software product for monitoring the use of land for the intended purpose

      The optimal possibilities of application of monitoring materials for spatial analysis of data of land use by the intended purpose are analyzed. The monitoring of using of land by purpose is slow and chaotic In Ukraine. This is justified by the limited fundamental research in this area and the lack of a single concept, the general procedure for the development and use of software products for land monitoring. As a result, such a situation leads to the lack of transparency, uncontrolled use of land, irresponsibility of individuals before the law, the ineffectiveness of land use, which has the corresponding negative economic and environmental consequences. To solve these problems and to ensure the effective use of land by purpose is possible with the use of optimal software product.

      The methods of using GIS for prediction and prevention of certain situations when using land not for their intended purpose are substantiated. The use of different GIS to match and combine materials is unconditional. In no other way, today, it is impossible to quickly and accurately process materials for monitoring the use of land for the intended purpose. It is the use and creation of GIS is the key to this monitoring.

      The aspects used in research practice for optimization of land use monitoring according to the intended purpose are determined.

      Geoinformation systems are used for land monitoring as generalized graphical and attributive automated information systems with spatial localization of data. Thematic information in GIS is unlimited, which ensures the possibility of their use as a universal information system for monitoring the use of land for the intended purpose. It is thematic information in the oriented GIS is the basis, while spatial information serves as a link to combine, collate, search and interpret various data.

      Keywords: GIS, land resources, monitoring.


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