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      I. Bilya

The analysis of the geoportal Water resources of Ukraine (for example, Chernivtsi region)

      The recent announcement of the State Water Authority of the water resource of Ukraine about start testing geoportal is one of the necessary steps for the transition to the e-water cadastre, the development of information services and the integration of Ukraine into the world geographic information space. On the other hand, the provision of wide and open access of citizens, business entities, research institutions, state authorities and local governments to distributed geographic information resources and a part of the infrastructure of geospatial data is practically realized. Since the main value of any resource is its information content, the purpose of the article was to evaluate the information content of geospatial data and their analysis for the sake of completeness of information and accurate visual representation of objects of hydrography and other available layers. Conducting modern scientific research in the field of hydrology, as in general in geography, requires the provision of relevant spatial information directly related to the territory. On the example of the Chernivtsi region, there were found missing objects, their volumes according to official statistical information. Using topographic maps, the current state of the geoportal Water Resources of Ukraine is established not only with the addition of information of practically the whole layers of geospatial data (objects of hydrography, reservoirs), but also the development of approaches to adjusting existing ones (river basin districts, river sub basins, water supply areas). Formed assumptions about probable sources of information for various spatial layers. A number of recommended measures aimed at increasing detail and simultaneously increasing the functionality of the specified resource for solving applied problems in the field of water resources management are proposed. Reasonable recommendations of a recommendatory nature can realize in practice the design of coastal protective bands, taking into account the real features of the relief of the territories. At the same time, if necessary, it will be possible to implement the basin approach at the local level to the management of water resources of the smallest hydrographic objects, which will increase the efficiency of implementation of environmental measures on the ground.

      Keywords: water cadastre, water resources, water sector, geoportal, hydrography, river basin, zoning, river sub-basin.


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