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      O. Babenko

Application of geoinformation systems in management of land resources

      The article describes the most actual directions and possibilities of using geoinformation systems. The analysis of the current state of introduction and application of geoinformation systems in the management of land resources is carried out. The main problems of information provision during the implementation of the administrative function by state authorities and local self-government bodies are determined. The relationships between control system elements that are aimed at the efficient and rational use of land, which are realized through continuous information exchange, are shown. The main factors and causes, as well as their possible consequences, with strategic planning and current consequences of action are highlighted. The peculiarities of the use of information systems in the perspective of their introduction, which will increase not only the efficiency of land resources management, but also enable to solve the problems of spatial development of regions, which will lead to improvement of economic indicators of the countrys agrarian sector and ensuring rational land use, are considered.

      Key words: land resources management, geoinformation systems, geoinformation technologies, information provision.


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