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M. Onyshchenko

Theoretical and methodological bases of the cartographic modeling of natural technological safety of Ukraine

      The article is devoted to theoretical and methodological bases of the cartographic modeling of natural technological safety (NTS) of Ukraine. A study of question of cartographic modeling is very important in the structure of the realization of social and geographical device of management of NTS by a country or region. It is necessary to develop theoretical and methodological bases of the cartographic modeling of NTS for this purpose: to define a concept, purpose, object, subject, special aspects, main methodological principles. Decision of contemporary issues of NTS of the state, estimation of naturally technogenic dangers and risks, determination of strength of concrete objects, substantiation and support of managerial, administrative and technological decisions are impossible without generalization and visualization of various information about the modern ecological state of natural environment and his dynamics, separate components of natural and technogenic environment, their influence on people and others like that.

      Cartographic modeling of NTS of Ukraine is development, planning, composition, analysis and enjoyment of maps of NTS as specific spatial models of the dangerous facts and processes of natural or technogenic character, extraordinary situations and events with the purpose of their applying and acquisition of new knowledges in relation to these facts, processes and events, for future forecasting of natural and technogenic extraordinary situations (ES) and organization of timely prevention of possible ES.

      System, geographical, ecological approaches enable to examine problems of NTS as results of co-operation of society and nature. During mapping of NTS a transition is consistently carried out from the maps of separate types of natural and technogenic dangers and risks to the maps that represent the general condition of ecological situation. Hhe dangerous facts and processes of natural and technogenic character have certain features which are taken into account during a cartographic modeling of NTS: dynamic and discreteness.

      General questions of theory of mapping NTS, general theoretical principles and bases of creation of series of maps by NTS, methodological questions which take into account the specific of mapping NTS are the base for theoretical development of basic thematic directions of mapping and for experimental work: creation of series of maps by NTS with application of GIS-technologies.

      Key words: ecological mapping, natural-technogenic safety (NTS), extraordinary situations (ES), cartographic modeling.


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