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N. Matvienko, V. Matvienko, I. Okolovych

Competitiveness of Croatia on the global tourism market: experience for Ukraine

      There is described a place of tourism in the economy of Croatia and indicated the importance of studying its competitive advantages.

      The primary role was given to comparison of Croatia and Ukraine on various indicators of competitiveness.

      There was conducted a comparative analysis of the competitive advantages of Croatia and Ukraine at the tourist market on Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. Underlined strengths and factors of the negative impact on the tourist market competitiveness of Croatia and Ukraine. In tabular form presented a comparative assessment of Croatia and Ukraine in the ranking on different indicators.

      There is presented in tabular form a comparative assessment of the competitive advantages of Croatia and Ukraine in the global market according to major world rankings - Global Competitiveness ranking, Ease of Doing Business ranking, Investment Attractiveness ranking, Quality of Living ranking and others. Emphasized that among the 11 world rankings that have been studied, Ukraine is only slightly ahead of Croatia in Human Capital and Nation Brands rankings.

      Indicated a place of Croatia in the Mediterranean region tourist market based on the analysis of capacity, occupancy and length of foreign visitors stay in collective accommodation establishments.

      According to results of the research, there was conducted a SWOT-analysis of tourism in Croatia, identified its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

      In conclusion there is emphasized the importance for increasing the Ukraines tourism competitiveness of studying the experience of Croatia as one of the most important tourist destination in the Mediterranean region.

      Keywords: competitiveness, tourism, tourist policy, raking, SWOT-analysis, Croatia.


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