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I. Dvoretska, M. Savenets

Seasonal features of altitudinal wind distribution above the territory of Ukraine

      The paper is dedicated to seasonal variations of wind direction and wind speed in troposphere and lower stratosphere over the territory of Ukraine. There were defined quantitative values of seasonal distribution: mean, amplitudes of seasonal variations and phases (dates of maximal values) based on aerological soundings data from 13 stations over Ukraine and adjacent territories. There were clarified wind vertical profiles in troposphere lower stratosphere and temporal features of prevailing wind distribution. It is possible to detect three different vertical layers of wind direction distribution: the closest to surface layer, other troposphere and lower stratosphere. First harmonics is the most significant for all layers, but harmonics with higher frequency also significant. Amplitudes show surface impact up to 3 5 km. Phases there differ up to 150 days and depends on the territory. For wind speed first harmonics is also the most significant. Amplitudes increases with the height. Maximal wind speed observed in December January throughout all troposphere and lower stratosphere except boundary level and tropopause. The Voieikov axis does not observed on 1000 hPa level, but could be distinguish on 850 hPa level. On 1000 hPa level there are three regions which could be detect by prevailing winds. There were clarified periods of prevailing wind in middle and upper troposphere. From August till February average wind direction values is characterized by west component prevailing (6 month per year). From February till first part of April south-west direction prevail over all territory (4.5 month per year). Only during second part of April May there are observer sharp wind shifts to the south and south-east (1.5 month per year). Wind speed increased with the height and on 250 hPa isobaric level maximal values observed. It varies from 15 18 m/s on July to 23 28 m/s on January. Lower stratosphere on 100 30 hPa isobaric levels is characterized by wind direction alternation which depends on warm and cold period. Wind speed is maximal in January February with values about 30 m/s.

      Keywords: seasonal variability, wind, variations, harmonics, vertical profiles.


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