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M. P. Shemchuk

Mapping of boundary changes of hydrograp-hic objects based on remote sensing materials

      This article deals with problem of using remote sensing results according to researching of border changing of hydrography elements. Study based on selected multispectral photographs of some regions of Kyivske and Kanivske reservoirs for 1984-2014 years within the riverbed of Dnipro and Desna. Photos were taken from Landsat apparatus, specifically Landsat-4 with the TM sensor for 1984 year`s photo, and Landsat-8 with ETM+ sensor for 2014 year`s one. The reasons of these choices were given and the classification of the remote sensing photos was made during the study. The author in details describes the process of analysis using ArcGIS. There were used two different methods for different time photos, such as by the separate channels for elder one and by the synthesis of two channels based on NWI index for contemporary one. As a result was singled out the water surface and was made the detailed map of it for two different years. There were described the technical aspects of this process using different instruments of ArcGIS. These results were imposed on the certain combination of the visible waves channels. Also there was represented the final map, decorated using the graphic editor Adobe Illustrator with legend, text and extra maps which show the typical places with changes. As a result of all work author made the analysis of received results about scale of changes during the studied 30 years, causes of these changes and some perspective to the future.

      Key words: decoding, remote sensing, hydrography, mapping.


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