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P. P. Korol, S. O. Puhach, M. M. Melnyjchuk

Retroazimuthal map projections: preconditions of development and trends of use

      The historical preconditions for development of retroazimuthal map projections are substantiated and their place in the general classification schema of map projections is defined. The world experience developing of retroazimuthal map projections is analyzed. The characteristics of the main retroazimuthal map projections: Littrow-Lagrange, Craig and Hammer are presented. Perspective directions of use of retroazimuthal map projections as the mathematical foundations of geographical maps of different spatial coverage are outlined. The layouts of map grids of three main retroazimuthal map projections with retroazimuthal center in Kyiv City are constructed.

      Key words: retroazimuthal map projections, Kaaba, Qiblah, retroazymuthal direction, great-circle distance, Littrow-Lagrange projection, Craig Mecca projection, Hammer Retroazimuthal.


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