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K. Boiko

Review of possibilities of creating a surveying network for large-scale topographic surveying in settlements

      The providing with surveying and mapping products is the primary task of the geodesic industry in Ukraine. Today the whole territory of Ukraine is covered by topographic maps with the scale of 1:100,000 to 1:10,000. The essence of current stage of mapping of Ukrainian territory is to create the topographic maps of large scales such as 1:5000, 1: 2000, 1:1000 and 1:500, particularly in residential areas, which are widely used in various sectors of Ukrainian economy and for detailed study of the territory, orientation and for different purposes of precise measurements and calculations.

      There are described stages of the technological scheme of creation of the survey network in populated areas: obtaining the technical task, preparatory work, designing, reconnaissance and fixation of points, actual field measurements, mathematical processing of measurements and the main content of each of these stages.

      The factors influencing the choice of the method of creation of a geodetic network in populated areas are described.

      The example of practical application is investigated — creation of a filming network in a residential area of Poznyaki in Darnytskyi district of Kiev.

      Surveying networks are the basis of topographic works of all the scales. They execute the terrain relief surveying and engineering and geodetic works on the basis of them when constructions are built.

      Creating of survey networks in settlements has special peculiarities which are defined by the presence of dence housing, green spaces, underground communications, intence transport and human streams and so on. Therefore in the settlements they use the combitation of some surveing methods. Trese are mostly the GPS-surveing and building polygon traverses, in some cases theodolite traverses are developed which found on polygon points.

      The technology scheme of developing of survey network in settlements consist in technical task receiving, preparing works, projecting, pre-surveing and fastening of points, field surveing and methematical handling.

      Keywords: survey geodetic network, measurement, topography, cartography technology process.


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