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O. Shevchenko

Climate change manifestation on the territory of Kyiv and main approaches to its adaptation

      The article presents the results of the research of global climate change manifestation in Kyiv. It shows that there is an increase in the mean, maximum and minimum air temperature. During the period of 19912015 mean air temperature has risen by 1,2C comparing to normal climatic period. The increasing of air temperature occurs in all months and seasons, however, it reaches different values throughout the year the mean and maximum temperatures have risen the most in the summer, minimum temperatures in winter. The bioclimate of the city become less comfortable frequency of the days with heat stress in the summer months during the modern period increased by 9,0% in June, 16,7% in July and 15,8% in August, compared to the normal climatic period. The number of days with precipitation has decreased during the period of 19912015 while mean precipitation amount per year has not changed significantly. Also there wasrecorded redistribution of precipitation amount between the seasonsduring modern period. All these changes indicate the necessity of preparation plan of Kyiv adaptation to adverse impact of climate change, which should consist of measures of different categories, particularly, engineering and technical measures, construction measures, economic measures and organizational measures. Also the article describes the main principles of the creation of adaptation measures to climate change. Green zones are considered more carefully among other measures, because it is very effective and not too expensive adaptation measure.

      Key words: climate change, heat waves, vulnerability to climate change, adaptation to climate change.


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